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The company specializes in France 3D providing hygiene services of a pest. Located in Provence and Languedoc-Roussillon, our business goal is to control and regulation of pests..
Traitement du bois
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Attaque de termite

Traitement des bois

Why deal with its frame ?


When wood framing are attacked by insects or larvae borers (beetles, etc ...), their strength can be damaged more or less long term.

Cure insecticide (injection + insecticide spraying a) is then called to stop the deterioration and extend the longevity of the frame..

Treated as a frame and 10-year warranty is a guarantee of a healthy and lasting heritage..

Preventive treatment

In the absence of insect presence in the skeleton, treatment alleviated by spraying an insecticide on the surface of wood is sufficient and helps preserve the state of the frame through the repellent action of pesticide products (guaranteed 10 years).
For many years, SAPA has chosen products in aqueous phase (no solvent) for treatment of structures to avoid inconvenience.

How to fight against termites ?

Presence of termites

If termite infestation, 2 types of treatments may be considered depending on the level of infestation, the physical setting and aspirations of the owner :

Traditional cure

This method involves injecting an insecticide into the walls, floors and wood to repel termites out of the well treated.

The product has a repellent that protects the site against further sustained intrusion of termites.

Cure by traps

This system consists of implanting traps outside the perimeter of the building accessible and traps inside the footsteps crossing (cords) of termites.

Once the presence of termites in traps (internal or external) is detected, an insecticide formulation is inserted in order to poison and destroyed the entire colony.

Absence of termite

In the absence of termites, two actions are possible, namely :

Preventive treatment

This method is similar to traditional cure is to inject an insecticide into the walls and floors to protect buildings against termites. The product has a repellent that protects treated areas lasting against intrusion of termites.

Monitoring anti termite

This system consists of implanting traps outside the perimeter of the building accessible (or as a grid in a field) and implement a regular monitoring stations to detect the earlier presence of any termite.

If termites are detected, simply add the insecticide formulation in traps to poison the colony before individuals from entering the building.

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